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We have high expectations and we are committed to exceeding them! At Empire, you are more than a customer - you are our client - and it's our responsibility to look out for your best interests.

What is our commitment?

Our experienced team is positioned to handle all of your production equipment needs and perform the necessary steps to ensure your satisfaction. We promise to deliver the uptime you expect including a professional pre-delivery inspection and setup specific to your operation. The Empire Agriculture Commitment includes the following for Challenger 500E, 600E, 700E, 800E, 900E, CH1000 models.

 Ag Commitment List

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2017 CH1050 - $284,300.00

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2015 MT865E - $196,500.00

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2015 MT765E - $190,300.00

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2012 MT765D - $113,050.00

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2012 MT675D 4C - $99,668.00

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