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In April 2010, Empire Southwest announced its acquisition of Arizona Production Machinery & Supply (APM&S), an Arizona-based agriculture machinery dealer. With this acquisition, Empire’s traditional product line of Caterpillar and Challenger machines expanded to include agricultural machines from AGCO, Claas, Massey Ferguson, Hesston and more. Empire Agriculture now boasts five locations in Arizona and Southern California, providing much-needed support for growers throughout the territory. 

About Us Quote“Our focus has always been to provide the professional agricultural client a quality product backed by the best parts and service support system available. We can now virtually guarantee that we are always going to be a stable source of machinery, parts and services for the producers and growers in the southwestern region,” said Tim Robinson, Empire Agriculture General Manager and former owner of APM&S. “Our family is looking forward to continuing our decades-long tradition in the machinery business, as we enter into a new era of providing support to a diverse client base.”

“Empire has a longstanding commitment to the agriculture industry, and this greatly strengthens our ability to support it,” said Jeff Whiteman, Empire Chairman and CEO. “Our parts and service capacity and the APM&S industry expertise are extremely well matched. Combined, they provide a comprehensive, one-stop resource to provide unrivaled machinery and support services to the agricultural industry.”  

The Empire Values:

Empire Southwest is committed to treating customers, employees and everyone we deal with in a fair and ethical manner. That commitment is reflected in the Empire Values — the cornerstone for every decision made on behalf of the company.

Safety: Empire employees know that a safe work environment is essential to the health and well-being of everyone. At Empire, “Safety First” is more than a slogan. It is a personal commitment to preventing unsafe conditions of any kind, and a pledge to employ safe practices every day in the work place. For more detailed information about our core value of safety please click here.

Integrity: is about adherence to a code or principle. In our case, that principle is honesty — honesty in our word, in our message and in our deeds. The strong customer, supplier and employee relationships we’ve developed and value so highly are based on our long-standing integrity as a company.

Respect: Empire people believe in enhancing and building self-esteem and self-worth, in showing care and consideration for others.

Teamwork: At Empire, we work as a team, not as a collection of individuals. We see ourselves as “stakeholders” involved in achieving a common goal. This sense of teamwork is an integral part of what makes Empire an enjoyable, energized, upbeat and satisfying company to work for and with.

Excellence: We have a reputation for excellence — in the services we provide, the products we sell, in the way we do things. We look for ways to continually improve our individual and collective performance. Empire people are never satisfied with “good enough.”

Stewardship: is about “adding to” rather than “taking from.” It’s about enhancing the assets entrusted us; human, intellectual and capital. It’s about taking care of our people, protecting the environment and giving something of value back to the communities in which we live and work.

Astonishment: is going the extra mile to satisfy a customer, doing the unexpected, exceeding his expectations. Empire people do this because they enjoy doing it. It makes us a special kind of company to do business with and keeps our customers loyal and highly satisfied.


Jobs at Empire:

Explore the many reasons to join the Empire team on our dedicated jobs website. Discover who we are, why work here, meet members of the team, and search jobs by keyword or location! From recent college graduates to industry veterans, we're always seeking qualified service technicians, mechanics, sales, support, and corporate professionals to join the Empire family.

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Empire Agriculture has been part of the southwestern agriculture community for over 60 years.

As an Arizona-based, family owned company, we have a unique understanding of the critical role that growers play in our communities and economies.  We salute your dedication to our industry, and are committed to providing the machines, technologies and resources you need to succeed in every season.