Massey Ferguson Tractors For Sale


Massey Ferguson makes some of the best wheeled tractors in the industry. Empire Agriculture is proud to offer sub-compact, utility, compact and mid-range tractors from this legendary manufacturer. Contact us today to learn more about our Massey Ferguson tractors for sale.

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Massey Ferguson Sub-Compact Tractors for Sale

  • GC1700 Series

    Massey Ferguson - 1700 Series

    Our GC1700 Series sub-compact tractors are versatile, comfortable and easy to operate. With features like the roomiest operator platform in their class, a comfortable seat, logically placed foot pedals and controls, and an integrated loader joystick, and push button cruise control. These small yet mighty machines offer the ideal blend of power and performance. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp*PTO hp
    MF GC170522.518.7
    MF GC171022.518.7
    MF GC17152519.6
    MF GC17202519.6
  • GC2400 & GC2600 Series

    Massey Ferguson - GC2400-GC2600

    Sub-compact tractors are built to handle snow removal, mowing and a variety of other tasks. Massey Ferguson GC2400 & GC2600 Series tractors do all those things and more, while delivering a dependable, efficient performance every time. Their bloodline demands it. Contact us today to learn more about our Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractors for sale. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF GC240022
    MF GC260025

Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors for Sale

  • 2600 Series

    Massey Ferguson - 2600Series

    2600 Series tractors are great for lighter-duty applications like mowing, feeding stock, tilling and grounds maintenance. The synchro-shuttle transmission simplifies operation and increases your productivity. A three-point hitch accommodates most attachments. It’s easy to see why the 2600 Series machines are a popular choice for all kinds of chores in all kinds of venues. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 260538
    MF 261549
    MF 262563
    MF 263574

Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors for Sale

  • 1500 Series

    Massey Ferguson - 1500Series

    The 1500 Series machines are the ideal Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale. A good investment for homeowners, serious gardeners and professional growers alike, they have an enormous lift capacity and an ultra-quiet engine. 1500 Series tractors are proven performers: simple to operate, efficient and reliable. And with five different 1500 Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale, there’s one that is perfect for your needs. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 152626
    MF 152929
    MF 153232
    MF 153333
    MF 154040
  • 1600 Series

    Massey Ferguson - 1600Series

    The 1600 Series of Massey Ferguson compact tractors for sale may be small, but they are 100% Massey Ferguson. Sturdy and designed for reliability, they will pull any attachment and keep you comfortable in the process. They’re also designed for easy serviceability to help you keep your machine on the job and out of the repair shop. A range of options and models lets you match a 1600 Series to your individual needs. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 163535
    MF 164343
    MF 164848
    MF 165252
    MF 165555
    MF 166060

Massey Ferguson Mid-Range Tractors for Sale

  • 4600 Series


    The all new three cylinder engines from AGCO power found in the MF4600 Series utility tractors meet stringent Tier 4i emissions standards while delivering the turbo charged diesel power, reliability and long life Massey Ferguson tractors are known for.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 460880
    MF 460990
    MF 4610100
  • 5400 Series

    Massey Ferguson - 5400Series

    Massey Ferguson 5400 Series tractors provide everything you need in a mid-range tractor. Loading, baling, mowing and light tillage are no problem. They are designed to be the toughest, most dependable performers in their class. The Hi-Visibility Hood is ideally suited for easy viewing while loading, and the 16-speed Dyna-4 Transmission is designed with efficient operation in mind. Learn More.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 544575
    MF 545075
    MF 545585
    MF 546095
    MF 5465100
    MF 5470105
    MF 5475110
    MF 5480115
  • 5600 Series


    MF5609 and MF5610, the first two models released as part of the new MF5600 Series mid range tractors. Boasting an all-new 3-cylinder engine from AGCO Power, the tractors provide 90 and 100 engine HP (70 and 75 PTO HP) respectively at 2200 RPM. Contact us today to learn more about our Massey Ferguson tractors for sale.

    Model*Engine hp
    MF 560990
    MF 5610100

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