Specialty Services

Along with agriculture parts and service support, a wide range of specialty services and programs are also available from Empire.

Complete Hydraulic Services

Empire Hydraulic Service (EHS) is ISO 9001:2000 Registered and sets the industry standard for the repair and rebuild of hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors. Our technicians are Caterpillar® trained and certified and have years of experience repairing hydraulic cylinders motors & pumps from major manufacturers. 

Our services include:

Complete Hydraulic Services

  • Hose-making in 30 minutes or less
  • Over $1 million in parts stock
  • Extensive inventory of exchange components and complete assemblies with as-new warranty
  • Simple two-level exchange piece schedule based on reusability
  • Six-month warranty
  • A guarantee that rebuilt components will meet manufacturer’s original performance specs.

Ask your Empire Ag rep for more information, or call us at 1-800-EMPIRE-1. 

Precision Machining

Empire Precision Machining (EPM) is ISO 9001 Registered and provides repair and restoration services on all brands of machinery and components. EPM’s engineers, welders and machining specialists work on components of all sizes and complexities using state-of-the-art tooling and equipment. Let our full-service shop build solutions for you! Ask your Empire Ag rep for more information, or contact the EPM shop directly: 1-800-EMPIRE-1.


Expert welding services are available through many of Empire’s service shops as well as our field service fleet. For more information, call the service manager at your Empire Agriculture location (link to locations page with service managers contact info), or contact your Empire Agriculture product support representative.


Empire’s professional paint shop restores like-new appearances to machinery of just about any color. For more information, contact your Empire Ag representative.

Transport and Hauling

Empire Transport (ET) was established in the 1960s, and moves everything from large machinery to small parts. Heavy, oversize and wide loads are a specialty. Call ET at 480-633-4600 or ask your Empire Ag representative for more information.


Transport and Hauling ServicesClient Support Agreements

Equipment owners in any industry want machines to work efficiently and to lower their operating costs. Support Agreements can help professional growers achieve that goal. Talk to your Empire Ag rep about how a flexible, custom machine support program might help you predict and control your fleet’s operating expenses.


Used Equipment

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2018 MF6713 4P - $42,000.00

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Empire Agriculture has been part of the southwestern agriculture community since 1950.

As an Arizona-based, family owned company, we have a unique understanding of the critical role that growers play in our communities and economies.  We salute your dedication to our industry, and are committed to providing the machines, technologies and resources you need to succeed in every season.

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