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When you're working in the heat, a properly functioning tractor air conditioner is more than just a luxury. It's essential to operator comfort and productivity when working a long shift on a farm or other agriculture jobsite.

Empire provides comprehensive A/C service and maintenance for tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment. We offer expert service and an extensive inventory of parts for all manufacturers, including Challenger, Massey Ferguson, Claas and more. Count on us for everything from preventative maintenance to emergency repairs.

A small investment in regular A/C maintenance can keep this important part of your tractor working at its best for years to come. If emergency repairs are necessary, taking care of the problem as soon as possible will help you return to full
productivity faster.

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Empire Can Troubleshoot and Repair Common Tractor A/C Problems

Tractor air conditioners are complex systems that have to work hard, day after day. Some of the more common problems that can lead to failure or low performance include:

  • Low discharge pressure: Low discharge pressure may be the result of leaks, defective valves or a freon shortage.
  • High discharge pressure: High discharge pressure is often caused by the presence of air or clogs in the system or by a loose fan belt, overcharging or improper installation.
  • Low suction pressure: Damage to the compressor, head gasket or components can lead to low suction pressure, as can a lack of refrigerant.
  • High suction pressure: High suction pressure may be due to overcharging, stuck valves, leaks or any of several other issues.
  • Compressor failure: Outright compressor failure can be the result of an issue as simple as a broken belt or power failure, or it may be something more serious that requires replacement of the unit.
  • Evaporator failure: The evaporator is the other main component of a tractor's A/C system — failure may be due to freezing on the coil, leaks, slipping belts or damage to any of several other components.

The best way to identify the cause of an air conditioner problem is to have it diagnosed by one of the skilled technicians at Empire. Save yourself the hassle of troubleshooting and diagnosing these complex components by calling a service location near you at the first sign of a problem.

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Empire provides fast and effective tractor air conditioner troubleshooting and repair throughout Arizona and Southern California. Our trained technicians will find the root of the problem quickly and suggest cost-effective repairs. We offer both in-shop and field service to our clients. In the event of an emergency, our team is available around the clock to respond to any issues. We keep an extensive inventory of parts on hand to reduce the chance of backorders that can delay repairs.

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