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November 2018

It’s a fast-paced, connected world so why not run your farm from anywhere, at anytime, with Trimble Ag Software.

Trimble Farmer Pro is a streamlined, easy-to-sync, affordable ag software solution that provides the same cutting-edge power from your farm office as from your phone, with no headaches. Embrace the benefits that come with a fully integrated software solution that can keep up with the industry’s rapid pace.

Mobile Farm Management Made Easy

Trimble Ag Mobile allows farmers to input, access, and share records —from field images to crop scouting reports —in real time from any mobile device. The farm data management app works on both Apple iOS and Android devices, and keeps working even if you lose your Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Use Trimble Ag Mobile for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Fleet management
  • Work orders
  • Crop scouting
  • Soil sampling
  • Grain contracts and bin management

Powerful Cloud-Based Software

Trimble Farmer Pro comes with access to a powerful, yet easy-to-use online platform that syncs automatically across devices so you only enter information once. Growers can use the online platform for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Real-time fleet tracking and utilization
  • Field map layering
  • Field data and profitability analysis

In addition, Farmer Pro users get access to two game-changing features: Work Orders and Crop Health Imagery. With Work Orders, farm managers can assign and track the progress of field work, modify tasks, and get status reports in real time. With Crop Health Imagery, Farmer Pro customers get reliable, cloud-free, calibrated satellite images throughout the growing season.

Reliable Desktop Software

With Farmer Pro software,you’ll get access to Trimble’s integrated desktop mapping, field record-keeping, and simple cash accounting. Built on the foundation of Farm Works Software®, the desktop platform turns farm data into actionable decisions.

Use the desktop software to:

  • Track your Cost Per Unit of Production for each field so that you have real-time knowledge about expenses and break-even calculations throughout the growing season.
  • Generate Profit Maps so you can deep-dive into each field and see what precision farming practices are most profitable.
  • Sync your desktop data, including field records and precision farming maps, to the cloud and mobile app to access data anywhere, anytime.
Trimble Farmer Pro diagram

Field Record Keeping

Manage all field records easily from any mobile device or your desktop computer. Create easy-to-print field task reports to stay organized

Most field activities are automatically generated from your precision farming data or the mobile app. Some of the key reports that you’ll find include:

  • Seed varieties
  • Tank mixes
  • Restricted-use pesticides
  • Fertilizer usage
  • Harvest data
  • Grain storage tracking

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