February 2018

Challenger MT743

Rethought, re-imagined and re-engineered, the Challenger MT700 Series is the world’s most technologically advanced track tractor. Designed and built on Challenger’s revolutionary AccuEngineering™ platform, to deliver the superior performance, increased power, exceptional comfort and enhanced onboard intelligence you need for unmatched productivity and profitability.


The wow begins with the AccuDriveTM powertrain on the MT700 Series. Simply put, it maximizes engine torque at slow speeds, creating efficiencies throughout the driveline. That means you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions more efficiently than ever before, saving wear and tear on your machine, and reducing fuel costs.


The secret to more comfort and less fatigue begins with Challenger’s MTS Maxx Ride™ integrated comfort system (ICS). Maxx Ride marries the tractor’s three core systems to boost productivity by providing enhanced comfort and stability both in the field and when roading.

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to work 12-hours days. But when you have to, the MT700 Series makes it easier. It all starts with the roomy, easy-to enter cab with more than 100 cu ft. of space.

For more information about the new Challenger MT700 Series, visit or your Empire Agriculture location.

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