July 2019


Challenger MT743



The MT700 Series inherits common architecture from the Challenger 1000, the most technologically advanced tractor available today. It’s engineered with all the capabilities for which Challenger is known, along with an innovative suite of on-board intelligence upgrades that boost productivity and improve decision-making for your operation. The MT700 Series has been designed with two things in mind — you and your business.


Challenger’s AccuEngineering platform leverages superior design to deliver smarter, more intuitive, more efficient machinery — to help meet the growing needs of your business. From the controls in the cab to the AccuDrive™ powertrain to the AccuTerminal™, AccuEngineering provides more efficiency, increased productivity and helps reduce costs. Experience the new standard of excellence against which all other track tractors will be measured.

FEATURES: Performance

The wow begins with the AccuDrive™ powertrain on the MT700 Series. Simply put, it maximizes engine torque at slow speeds, creating efficiencies throughout the driveline. That means you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions more efficiently than ever before, saving wear and tear on your machine, and reducing fuel costs.

A unique two-pump, load-sensing hydraulic system can control a delivery rate for operations that require high-capacity hydraulics. Two load-sensing pumps provide independent priority functions and supply each you with just the right amount of oil pressure and volume through each individual circuit.

With the two-pump system, each pump delivers only the oil needed. It does this at a reduced RPM to save fuel and be more efficient. Since fluid isn’t continuously being pumped, engine power isn’t wasted moving unused fluid, excess heat isn’t created and overall tractor efficiency improves. The dual pump system can achieve 68 GPM at 1,000 RPM or 113 GPM at 1,700 so the optimal flow is available on demand.


The secret to more comfort and less fatigue begins with Challenger’s MTS Maxx Ride™ integrated comfort system (ICS). Maxx Ride marries the tractor’s three core systems to boost productivity by providing enhanced comfort and stability both in the field and on the road.

Challenger’s legendary Mobil-trac system has been enhanced with a longer wheelbase at 101 in. (257 cm). Unique pivoting tri-bogie midwheels keep you in constant contact with the ground — for better traction, more pulling ability, greater fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.


Nobody wants to work 12-hours days. But when you have to, the MT700 Series makes it easier. It all starts with the roomy, easy-to enter cab with more than 100 cu ft. of space. Behind the wheel you’ll immediately see how the ergonomic design makes your life easier and more streamlined than ever before.


Challenger MT700 specs


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