Take Flight
Drone Technology from SITECH Southwest

October 2020

Technology keeps advancing at remarkable rates and it can be difficult at times to navigate.

Take drones for example. At first, they seemed to just be a fun hobby but now industries are really looking into how they can turn their productivity around. And it’s no different with the ag industry.

Today’s drones can optimize the use of inputs (water, seed, fertilizers), help you react quicker to threats (pests, weeds, fungi), save time crop scouting, improve variable-rate prescriptions in real time and estimate yield from a field.

Luckily, SITECH Southwest can help you select the right drone to fit your farming needs.

“We carry different brands and types of drones from entry-level DJIs up to top-end Microdrones,” said Manix Iniguez, Ag Sales Account Manager at SITECH Southwest.

Drone technology specs

All of the drones SITECH Southwest carries come with an RGB camera. RGB cameras capture images similar to what is seen with the human eye, meaning the images are more familiar and easier to interpret. RGB cameras are also multipurpose and can take pictures for making detailed orthomosaic drone maps. Plus, they are also capable of capturing high quality videos.

In addition to the RGB cameras, these drones can also be equipped with infrared cameras. The infrared cameras will give you compare absolute plant health data over time thanks to incident light sensors. This means that you can compare different map data over time despite changes in sunshine and cloud cover, from day to day or week to week.

Still feel a little overwhelmed? SITECH Southwest has three FAA certified UAS pilots that will help you gain a working knowledge of your equipment quickly. Their trainings will teach you better control so you can navigate your drone and manage data more effectively.

Interested in learning more from SITECH Southwest?

Give Manix a call at 928-580-3031 or shoot him a quick email at miniguez@sitechsw.com.

Before you know it, you could be taking to the skies.


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