Sherry Cervi: A Champion for the Youth

July 2018

Sherry Cervi, four-time world champion barrel racer, is passing on the baton in a special way.

Ten years ago she started a Youth Championships in California, allowing kids the opportunity to compete and fall in love with the rodeo experience.

“It’s so good to have your kids involved in FFA or the ag industry and growing up around horses. It can lead to really great opportunities,” Sherry said.

After her success in California, Sherry decided she wanted to do one in her home state of Arizona.

“This is only the second year in Marana and I’m really pleased at the turnout,” Sherry said. “It’s all about having a place to come with family, win money/prizes and make good memories. Plus, we give back to the industry.”

Sherry’s passion for rodeos started at a young age. Her parents were both members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and encouraged her to learn to ride. She began competing in local rodeos at age six and bought her first Women’s Professional Rodeo Association card at age 12. By 19, Sherry qualified for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR).

After setting records and becoming a four-time world champion, Sherry is one of the most well-known and well-respected riders in the industry.

Now she is becoming a mentor to the youth in her community and parents couldn’t be happier. Praise for her dedication isn’t hard to come by.

Cyndi Buck-Trausch said, “Sherry was so good to the kids and made our daughter feel like a superstar.”

Tracey Parsons Buchanan, a frequent attendee, pointed out, “I am always impressed with the time Sherry puts into each child that approaches her.”

Even first-time parent was blown away by Sherry and the Youth Championship. “This was an amazing event. It was my daughter KK's first event at this level. She was so excited and nervous and she did well. Sherry Cervi is awesome! Thank you for your contribution to the youth,” said Malikah Lang.

Sherry Cervi Youth Championship

As 2018 reaches its half way mark, Sherry is already looking forward to January 2019 for her next Youth Championship in Marana.

“It’s just a good time and a good event to watch as well as a fun time to cheer on the kids,” Sherry said.

Of course, the Youth Championship wouldn’t be possible without local support and sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring for 2019, you can reach out on the Sherry Cervi Youth Championship Facebook page.


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