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July 2018

It all started with a St. Patrick’s Day Party.

“We wanted to have a dairy event for the dairymen in Arizona. So we had sponsors pay for a St. Patrick’s Day party and we found there was money left over,” said Dennis Dugan, Pinal 40 President. “We were able to donate $25,000 to the Boys and Girls Club.”

After realizing the fundraising potential, Dugan created the Dugan St. Patrick’s Day Foundation to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club and ag scholarships.

“I only expected $25,000 but we raised $84,000 in the first year,” Dennis said. “I was amazed by it.”

That’s when another lightbulb went off for Dennis. He realized other Arizona counties had fraternities but Pinal didn’t.

“I thought “why don’t I start one” because the need is great in our community. In 2014, 25 guys came together to form a group and that was the start of Pinal 40,” Dennis explained.

Today, Pinal 40’s mission is to promote youth programs in Pinal County through agricultural and other businesses. Their vision is to be the premier civic organization in Pinal County known for its generous giving to youth charities, educational scholarships and others throughout Pinal County.

“Additionally, we formed this organization to attract visitors and other businesses to support Pinal County local youth. Working together we are realizing this dream which is making a difference in the lives of our children. I am grateful to the members, donors, and sponsors who share in our Pinal 40 vision,” said Dennis.

Today, Pinal 40 members meet monthly to discuss needs in the community. By working together to better understand the community’s needs, two annual events were created. The Arizona Agriculture Experience and the Pinal 40 Golf Classic.

The Annual Arizona Agricultural Experience is one-of-a-kind experience that includes farm and industry tours, special education seminars and special events including Pinal 40’s annual Welcome Reception & Dinner with keynote speaker. The three-day event ends with the Dugan St. Patrick’s Day Party.

Pinal 40 Golf Classic

The Pinal 40 Golf Classic is a one-day fundraising event and a must-attend for every golfer. The classic includes 18 holes of golf and is held at one of Arizona’s top golf courses.

The time and dedication each member has put into Pinal 40 has made a real difference in Pinal County. Without them, Pinal 40 wouldn’t be possible.

“Due to the kindness and generosity of Pinal 40 and its members, I was able to relieve some of the financial stress that came with college. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to be a part of the foundation and give back to the agricultural community here in Pinal County.”

– Preston Snipes, University of Arizona

And with just 4 years under their belt and over $700,000 given back to the Pinal community, the luck of the Irish must be on their side.

Visit to learn more about their upcoming events and available scholarships and grants.


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