February 2018

Massey Ferguson 2370 UHD Tractor

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is proud to announce the introduction of the state-of-the-art, MF 2370 Ultra High Density Baler.

The new MF 2370 UHD is in a class of its own, with advanced, innovative engineering and ground-breaking design in all areas. It’s the highest performing large square baler ever built at the world-renowned Hesston factory. The MF 2370 UHD makes bales that weigh 20% more than those produced by the current MF 2270 XD.

Developed specifically for discerning professional contractors and large-scale arable operators, the MF 2370 Ultra HD helps to maximize truck payloads and improve efficiency.

“Our existing baler design had reached peak weight and density,” explains Mark Grigson, Product Marketing Manager in Harvesting.


“So to move baling forward and achieve maximum ultra-density, the Hesston team has totally re-engineered the large square baler from the ground up. The MF 2370 Ultra HD delivers a significant boost in density, capacity and performance. Its denser, heavier 120cm x 90cm bales further reduce in-field handling and cut transport costs, while optimizing haulage and storage capacity.” 



Constructed on a completely new main frame, the baler has an exclusive driveline and gearbox, specifically developed to withstand the enormous forces required to make ultra-high density bales, with a faster plunger speed and immensely strong bale forming area.

The baler’s new Ultra™ Knotters follow the same legendarily reliable Hesston design, now optimized to efficiently handle thicker, stronger twine, developed exclusively to tie the Ultra high density bales.

While featuring immensely strong components in all areas, the MF 2370 Ultra HD weighs just 13.4t, treading lightly on the ground thanks to its standard 620mm wide tires on the suspended, steering tandem axle. Working together with the nimble MF 8700 Series tractor, it’s the industry’s lightest, highest performance baling combination, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the risk of soil compaction.

The MF 2370 Ultra HD baler will be available for the 2018 season.

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