Jon Dinsmore
Building a Legacy in Yuma

March 2019

John Dinsmore

For 4th generation farmer, Jon Dinsmore, agriculture is so much more than just tilling the field and planting crops.

“It’s research, studying weather, learning about soil, water, technology,” Jon said. “Farming is not the old days of Johnny Appleseed. It’s never been more fascinating and driven than now.”

The family farm was founded in the early 1940s and features 1,200-acres of vegetables, hay, and grains in the heart of Yuma.

“Agriculture is in my blood. When I was little, I was always drawn to tractors,” Jon said. “I would follow my dad and grandpa to the shop all the time.”

Now as the brains behind the farm, Jon has embraced his past and welcomed new ideas, techniques and machines to his operation.

“The soil talks to us and we need to listen to it,” Jon said. “We’ve been farming the same farm and soil for decades and it’s because we listen.”

By being open to new technology and machinery, Dinsmore Farms has seen a welcome transformation.

 “The day we got our first GPS system to list our beds was huge! The technology was accurate down to the inch,” Jon said.

And that was just a starting point.

Soon Jon bought more technology to help his swather cut fields in a more uniform fashion. That decision led to drivers putting more attention on pressure, driving straighter lines and cutting faster and more efficiently.

Then Empire came into the picture by reaching out to Jon to offer a helping hand with parts.

 “We were first approached by Empire regarding baler parts and I put it off for a good year or two,” Jon said. “But then I decided it wouldn’t be good for business if I don’t give Empire a chance.”

What came next was that start of a great relationship.

“The first thing I noticed was I got my parts really fast,” Jon said.

Then came the new machinery in the form of balers, swathers and a Challenger MT765E.

“The 700 series revolutionized our industry,” Jon explained. “We can now use one large tractor for listing and mulching. We move quicker, conserve fuel, and can use other tractors for other things.”

Added Jon, “Empire really opened our eyes. This is a relationship that works really well for us. It’s innovation that fits our program and pushes us to grow.”

Jon has also become innovative in his community by jumping on board with social media. His Instagram account, @thefarmerjon, has over 3,100 followers and shares vibrant posts of his love for his family, community and of course, farm life.

 “I loving talking about what we do online. Allowing the photos and videos to do the talking is the easy part. To know that it means something to someone else is fun,” Jon said.

While Jon’s impact on the ag community continues to grow, he does hope that he will always be remembered as honest.

“People know what they’re going to get with us,” Jon said. “I take pride in that we care for our customers, our community and treat our employees as family. I’m grateful that I had a legacy to build off.”


Empire Agriculture has been part of the southwestern agriculture community since 1950.

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