Fendt 700 S4 Series
Power. Precision. Profitability.

October 2020

Fendt 700 Series

Fendt® tractors can trace their lineage back to a family of 17th-century German clockmakers. A family obsessed with precision engineering, pretty much before there was such a thing.

For the Fendt family, precision, reliability and enduring craftsmanship in their hand-built clocks wasn’t all that mattered. They also took great pride in how well each clock suited its unique environment and served its customers with reassuring accuracy.

Today, they call that “the customer experience.” And in terms of the Fendt 700 S4 Series tractors, that translates to the most productive, profitable and positive experience an owner/operator can have. It starts with the flexibility of a broad power range. It’s felt in the cabin comfort and easy operability. And it delivers every day with versatility in its compact design, an integrated front-loader and a wide-range of equipment options.

The Fendt 700 S4 Series has “time” in its heritage and in its purpose: to deliver the highest functionality, performance, safety and comfort each and every hour you spend in it.

What Makes a Fendt, a Fendt?

The 700 S4 Series is built with a high-torque, exceptionally smooth, quiet engine designed to deliver unmatched power and fuel savings.

The six-cylinder engine and stepless CVT automatically regulate and optimize engine load based on power requirements, so you get maximum power whether you’re going 60 ft/h or 31 mph. It’s the kind of dynamic operating experience you can only get from a Fendt.

Ideal for:

  • Loader work
  • Conventional hay
  • Heavy-duty field work
  • Snow blowing
  • Roadside mowing
  • Transport work
  • Fleet operations
Fendt 700 specs


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