A New Combine for a New Era

November 2018


FENDT has harnessed the best technology to harvest more grain with the best quality, for you.

It’s the first “clean-sheet” design of a combine in 30 years—a machine based not on what has come before, but on what producers like you have told FENDT they need, and what they’ve tested in some of the most rigorous trials ever initiated by a farm equipment manufacturer. Over the past six years and continuing today, they’ve sought input from combine operators who, collectively, grow every crop harvested by combines in practically every condition.

No matter where they live and work, producers emphasized that their combine be ready for the punishment every harvest doles out. Producers not only insisted on maximum uptime, but also machinery that provides the comfort and ergonomics that allows them to safely work the long hours a harvest demands.

FENDT heard the call for a combine that not only offers the means to tackle today’s challenges and opportunities—whether they be weather conditions, new crops or new technologies—but also next year’s and the years’ after that.

The result is not just an update to existing machinery and technology. It’s a machine that gives you more control over your harvest, as well as your operation as a whole.The IDEAL™ combine offers superior performance and exceptional uptime, as well as radically simple operation and maintenance.

Perform With Razor Sharp Efficiency

Setting a new standard for automated machine adjustment, the IDEAL harvest system offers unprecedented, real-time visualization of crop flow within the combine via a special grain-quality camera and 52 sensors, including mass acoustic detection sensors (MADS). Measuring the differences in acoustic qualities, the sensors can determine what is grain and what is not and direct the IDEAL harvest system to change the necessary combine settings–all to maintain the operator’s harvest strategy.

Real-Time Visualization Enhances Control

The harvest strategy itself is set by an easy-to-use touch-screen tablet, allowing the operator to select preferences for minimizing grain damage, loss and material other than grain (MOG) in the bin. In addition, the IDEAL harvest system can even compensate for sudden shifts in various factors, such as crop density and field slope, anticipating and correcting problems before they occur.

Harvest More. Waste Less.

The IDEAL combine allows more space for a new threshing and separation rotor design that’s gentler on the crop—both grain and straw.What’s more, as compared to other systems, this dual helix processor requires as little as 50% less power to operate in a variety of crop conditions.

Your Most Efficient Harvest Yet

With the option of a 485-bushel grain tank (standard on the Class 9), the IDEAL combine features the largest capacity in the industry. Via the Streamer™ 6.0 auger system, the IDEAL combine also sports the fastest unload rate of 6 bu./sec, which is 50% faster than the closest competitor, taking just 1 minute and 20 seconds to off-load the entire grain tank.

More power. Less hassle.

The shortest route is a straight line. That’s the basic idea behind the IDEAL DriveCenter, the combine’s central power unit, in which one gearbox attached directly to the engine drives all main components of the combine: the processor, cleaning system and hydraulic pumps, as well as the header, including today’s newest corn chopper heads. Such a straightforward design allows for the most efficient transmission of power.


Empire Agriculture has been part of the southwestern agriculture community since 1950.

As an Arizona-based, family owned company, we have a unique understanding of the critical role that growers play in our communities and economies.  We salute your dedication to our industry, and are committed to providing the machines, technologies and resources you need to succeed in every season.

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