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October 2017

WR9900 Series

With over 65 years of experience, Hesston by Massey Ferguson is known for its commitment to creating innovative products that produce one thing: quality hay. This year Hesston is introducing two self-propelled windrowers. The Challenger WR9900 Series Windrower and Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR9900 Series Windrower.

The WR9900 Series windrowers feature two different AGCO Power engines builte specially for ag application. The engines deliver as much as 265 rated horsepower at 2,100 RPM. As field conditions begin to pull the engine RPM down, the windrower can deliver more than 280 horsepower at 1,950 RPM, giving you the torque and horsepower you need to keep going in the field.

The WR9900 Series gets new, more capable headers —the 9200 Series disc and auger headers and the new 5400 Series draper headers. These headers offer improved capacity, improved functionality and greater control. All of these improvements lead to higher productivity while maintaining superior cut and windrow formation.

VisionCab™ provides superior visibility. It’s more spacious, with ergonomically inspired comfort enhancements, too. We’ve thought of everything, from our industry-leading cab suspension system and an improved lighting package, to foot pegs and an instructor seat —all standard.

Proprietary software on the WR9900 Series allows a variety of components to communicate electronically and execute many of its functions automatically. The on-board terminal lets you control all of the windrower’s main functions and the software allows numerous components to communicate together to execute functions automatically. It’s a windrower so smart, it talks to itself.

No other windrowers can produce Hesston hay, because no other windrowers offer our exclusive combination of power, technology, capacity and comfort, developed in direct response to feedback from farmers like you.

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