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When you have a specific agricultural application to take care of, you need the right piece of equipment for the job. At Empire Agriculture, we have experience covering the needs of customers across the Southwest for equipment designed to do a specific job, and do it well. For all of your agricultural spraying needs, turn to our dedicated team. We’ll share our knowledge and help you choose the application product that is best suited to your crops, terrain and expectations.

To cover your needs, we specialize in industry-leading equipment that combines the features and reliability you want:

  • RoGator: Designed with efficiency of spraying and fuel economy in mind, the strength of RoGator sprayers comes from intelligent engineering and a focus on spraying technology. With clean sight lines and comfortable, intuitive controls, a RoGator sprayer is a welcome addition to any agricultural fleet.
  • TerraGator: The purpose-built nature of TerraGator equipment means you’re getting years of applications knowledge and experience that has been proven out in the field. Available with many convenient options. there is simply no better choice for agricultural chemical and fertilizer application.

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Maximize Your Effectiveness with Empire

Take a closer look at the different models available from RoGator and TerraGator, then fill in our contact form or give us a call. We’ll answer any additional questions you might have and point you toward your nearest Empire Agriculture location.

Save time and money when spraying and applying your farm chemicals by taking advantage of the best applications products on the market. You’ll quickly see why more and more farmers are choosing a RoGator or TerraGator from Empire Agriculture for class-leading service and world-class equipment.

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2018 MF6713 4P - $42,000.00

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Empire Agriculture has been part of the southwestern agriculture community since 1950.

As an Arizona-based, family owned company, we have a unique understanding of the critical role that growers play in our communities and economies. We salute your dedication to our industry, and are committed to providing the machines, technologies and resources you need to succeed in every season.

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