Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors

There’s a reason utility-grade tractors care called that. They’re designed to offer the best combination of utility and value and work for a broad range of attachments and uses. Massy Ferguson, a world leader in tractor manufacturing, offers some of the most versatile utility tractors on the market. Available in three different series, you can choose the model that offers the best mix of performance, value and flexibility for the specific needs and demands of your farm or agricultural business.

To offer a wide range of utility tractor options, Massey Ferguson has packaged three unique series, each with their own specialty and advantages. You get multiple choices in engine power, PTO, rear lift height and even in the cab features, so you don’t have to adjust the way you work to your tractor. Select the tractor that adjusts to your way of working from these utility models:

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2700E Series2700E Series

A real workhorse, this series of tractor is designed with a whole host of available features and attachments to tackle jobs as diverse as rotary cutting to loader work. You can get up to 57.3 horsepower and 48.7 horsepower in PTO power, meaning this utility tractor can really be put to work. Massey Ferguson designed this series to be easy to operate as well as maintain, making it a welcome addition to any agricultural lineup.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
2705E 2.2L  48.8 (36.4) 41.4 (30.9)
2706E 2.2L  57.3 (42.7) 48.7 (36.3)


4600M Series4600m Series

With the most powerful off-road turbocharged diesel three-cylinder in the world, the 4600M Series has ample power for whatever you need your utility tractor for. Both fuel-efficient and dependable, you’ll save time and money over the years with this series of tractor from Massey Ferguson.  

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
4607M 3.3L  74 (55) 56 (41.8)
4609M 3.3L  95 (71) 72 (53.7)
4610M 3.3L  101 (75) 80 (59.7)


4700 SeriesMF4700 Series

When Massey Ferguson redesigned the 4700 Series, it focused on making useful improvements while keeping the design simple and reliable. You get power, performance and flexibility unmatched by utility tractors form other manufacturers and value that’s hard to beat.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
4708 3.3L  80 (59.6) 68 (50.7)
4709 3.3L  90 (67.1) 78 (58.1)
4710 3.3L  100 (74.6) 88 (65.6)


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Take some time to browse through the details and specifications available right here on our page. You can also contact our friendly and helpful team here at Empire to get answers to any questions you might have. If we sound enthusiastic about the Massey Ferguson Utility range of tractors, it’s because we know there’s a model that will suit your needs. We know you’ll be more than satisfied with the combination of performance, efficiency and reliability.

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