Massey Ferguson Mid-Range Tractors    

Massey Ferguson’s Mid-Range class of tractors is practically a misnomer. They top out well above other brand’s midrange classes and can even compete in many cases with larger tractors from a class above. Massey Ferguson has never been about doing things halfway, which is why when they set out to design their Mid-Range 5600 and 5700SL they went all out.   

The result is one of the most versatile combinations of power and performance, with legendary Massey Ferguson efficiency and reliability throw in for good measure. At Empire, when we are asked to propose a midrange tractor to our customers, we don’t hesitate to suggest the 5600 Series or 5700SL Series. 

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5600 5600 series 

You can choose a 5600 with a three- or four-cylinder engine, opting for the performance and fuel efficiency mix you need. You can get more than 100 horsepower with the three-cylinder engine, virtually unheard of in this class, or an impressive 130 horsepower out of the four-cylinder engine. The load capacity and ease of use of the front loader is one of the hallmarks of this midrange tractor series, making it extremely versatile for all your loading needs.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
5609 3.3L 90 70
5610 3.3L 100 75
5611 4.4L 105 80
5612 4.4L 115 90
5611 4.4L 125 100


5700SL 5700 Series 

The 5700SL Series comes standard with a powerful four-cylinder diesel engine that includes the latest technology for maximum power and fuel economy, all while guaranteeing legendary Massey Ferguson reliability. Available in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and coupled with a Dyna-4 16 x 16 Powershift and Power Shuttle Transmission, this midrange tractor series is eager to work all day, every day.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
5711SL 4.4L 110 (82) 100 (74.6)
5712SL 4.4L 120 (89.5) 110 (82)
5713SL 4.4L 130 (96.9) 120 (89.5)


Your Local Massey Ferguson Dealer

Massey Ferguson likes to offer choice, which is why we are fond of their midrange tractor line here at Empire. The 5600 and 5700SL are an easy sell when you start looking at the features and specifications. You can find tons of information direct from Massey Ferguson right here on this page or contact our team for more information. We’ll answer any questions you might have and help you find the midrange tractor that is best suited to your farm and the type of jobs you do. We can also tell you more about the wide range of attachments and features you can choose for maximum versatility and flexibility.

If it’s time to replace your existing tractor or add a new one to your fleet, do yourself a favor and consider a Massey Ferguson midrange model. For decades, farmers all across the U.S. and around the world have been trusting Massey Ferguson tractors to get the job done. That trust continues with its latest lineup of midrange tractors.

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