Massey Ferguson Compact Tractors 

When you choose a compact tractor from some manufacturers, you have to settle for compact performance. With Massey Ferguson 1700E and 1700M Series compact tractors, you get features and performance that are at the top of their class, and nearly match the specifications of mid-range tractors from other brands. The bonus is a compact and maneuverable size that is nimble enough for use in many locations but still had the pulling, lifting and PTO power to handle a variety of agricultural jobs.

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Back by popular demand, the Massey Ferguson 1526 is built for a new generation of landowners and hobby farmers. Made to handle more, this compact workhorse has the versatility, stability, comfort and easy-to-use features you’ve come to expect. Features include:

  • Impressive engine delivering up to 24.8 horsepower
  • A rear and mid PTO, allowing for independent or simultaneous operation of both drives
  • 3-Range Hydrostatic transmission with intuitive operation
  • Lift capacity at hitch point of more than 1,300 pounds, or nearly 1,000 pounds 24” behind

The new 1526 works as hard as you do, and is designed with your comfort in mind and adaptable in any situation. The model can accommodate a wide range of implements, including rear-mount finish mowers, rear blades, disc harrows, grading scrapers, snow blowers and sub-compact and compact backhoes.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
1526 1.5L 24.8 (18.5) 20.1 (15)



1700M It only takes a quick glance at the 1700E Massey Ferguson compact tractor models to realize you’re getting powerful and versatile equipment that leads the industry. Depending on the model, you can choose from:

  • A powerful engine delivering up to 38.5 horsepower
  • Impressive PTO ratings starting at 20.3 horsepower and topping out at more than 32 horsepower 
  • The latest in Tier-4 final emissions compliance 
  • Either a 3-Range Hydrostatic or 8x8 Synchro Shuttle transmission
  • A rear-lift capacity (at 24 inches behind) of nearly 1,600 pounds

With so many choices, every customer is able to find the Massey Ferguson compact tractor that covers all their needs and is a welcome addition to their agricultural fleet. As with all Massey Ferguson tractors the 1700 Economy Series is available with a whole host of options designed for speed and efficiency, including rear-discharge mowers, rear blades, disc harrows, snow blowers and compact backhoes, among others. 

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
1735E 1.5L 34.1 (25.4) 29 (21.6)
1740E 1.5L 38.5 (28.7) 32.7 (24.4)



1700MIf you are looking for more power and comfort in your compact tractor the Massey Ferguson 1700M Series has you covered.  Depending on the model, you can choose from:

  • A super powerful engine delivering up to 59 horsepower
  • PTO ratings starting at 27.5 horsepower and topping out at more than 45 horsepower 
  • The latest in Tier-4 final emissions compliance, with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) needed.
  • Either a 3-Range Hydrostatic or 12x12 Power Shuttle transmission 


Massey Ferguson is proud to offer the largest engine in compact tractors.  The 1700M series is available with gear or hydrostatic transmission and offers superior cab and platform features.  Available in open station platform or deluxe factory-installed cab, no matter which you choose this tractor has an all around premium feel.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
1735M 1.7L 36.2 (27) 27.5 (20.5)
1740M 1.7L 40 (29.8) 31.2 (23.3)
1750M 2.2L 48.8 (36.4) 38.1 (28.4)
1755M 2.2L 53.9 (40) 41.3 (30.8)
1760M 2.2L 59.9 (44.7) 46.1 (34.4)

Class-Leading Tractor and Supplier

Teaming up with Empire for your Massey Ferguson tractor purchase means you’re getting top-quality equipment that’s backed by our top-notch sales and service. We are confident proposing the 1700 series compact tractors to our customers because we know they can be trusted to work day in and day out. We’ve built our reputation offering rugged and dependable tractors, which is why we don’t hesitate to suggest a Massey Ferguson for your compact tractor needs.

We’ve provided links here on this page to additional Massey Ferguson literature so you can check out all the details and specifications and make your selection. You can also give our friendly and knowledgeable Empire team a call and let us know what you’re looking for in a tractor. We’ll help you select the perfect compact model that offers you the leading performance and value you expect from Massey Ferguson tractors.

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