Challenger Row Crop Tractors 

When you equip your agricultural business with a powerful, reliable row crop tractor, you’re giving yourself a huge advantage. A Challenger MT500E or MT600E series tractor combines all the best features on the market in a dependable workhorse that has been satisfying customers for decades.

Whether you need to buy new row crop tractors in Buckeye or are searching for used row crop tractors for sale in Yuma, Empire Agriculture is proud to offer popular Challenger models. The Challenger MT500E and MT600E lineups have earned a reputation all across the country as excellent choices for your farm thanks to some impressive features.

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mT500EThe MT500E row crop series from Challenger comes in nine different models, each one with impressive power and specifications:

  • Horsepower ranging from 140 to 255, with a peak of 280 thanks to Engine Power Management
  • Six-cylinder diesel engine displacement of 6.6 and 7.4 liters that run without the need of a particulate filter
  • A Complete Systems Integration engineering philosophy that allows the engine, transmission, axles, PTO and hydraulics to work seamlessly together
  • Transmission options including AutoPower IV (four gears with four ranges for 16 forward and reverse speeds), AutoPower VI (six gears with four ranges for 24 forward and reverse speeds) and TechStarCVT (unlimited gear ratios and two speed ranges)

You can pick and choose from Challenger’s uniquely packaged models and also select from a host of excellent features to take advantage of the powerful and versatile MT500E PTO.

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Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
MT515E 6.6L 140 (104) 115 (85)
MT525E 6.6L 150 (111) 120 (89)
MT535E 6.6L 160 (119) 125 (93)
MT545E 6.6L 175 (130) 135 (100)
MT555E 6.6L 185 (138) 145 (108)
MT565E 6.6L 200 (149) 155 (116)
MT575E 7.4L 215 (160) 165 (123)
MT585E 7.4L 235 (175) 180 (134)
MT595E 7.4L 255 (190) 200 (149)



MT600E If you need extra size, power and capacity, the Challenger MT600E series offers some of the best performance credentials in the large row crop tractor class:

  • Horsepower ranging from 270 to 370, with a peak of 400 thanks to Engine Power Management
  • Six-cylinder diesel engine displacement of 8.4 liters that runs without the need of a particulate filter
  • A high-capacity, high-power 54 gallon-per-minute hydraulics system with sophisticated flow management to ensure smooth operation of multiple functions simultaneously
  • A TechStarCVT transmission that features an infinite number of gear ratios across two speed ranges designed to allow for the perfect speed delivery at all engine speeds

Challenger provides five unique models of their MT600E row tractor series to ensure there’s a model that’s perfect for you. We can help you add the features and options you require for the ultimate in row tractors.


Model Displacement Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
MT645E 8.4L 270 (199) 205 (151)
MT655E 8.4L 295 (220) 225 (168)
MT665E 8.4L 320 (239) 250 (186)
MT675E 8.4L 350 (261) 275 (205)
MT685E 8.4L 370 (276) 290 (216)


World-Class Tractors From a World-Class Supplier

At Empire, we have built our reputation on understanding the needs of our customers and offering irreproachable sales and service. Contact our dedicated team today by filling in our Online Contact Form or giving us a call. We have six convenient locations to serve you in Arizona and Southern California to make it easy for you to find and buy your Challenger MT500E or MT600E row crop tractor. Come and find out why Challenger tractors are becoming the choice for more and more agricultural businesses across the country, and how Empire can get you the exact tractor you need.

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